Hello! My name is
and I build stuff I think is cool

Also, and you may get that
from this webpage,
I love graphs and maps.

Au fil de Lyon

A redesign for better communication
and greater accessibility

Au Fil de Lyon's background: a view of the city skyline
Framing app

Large prints for the masses

Sample result: non regular tiling over a photo The app's settings panel A glimpse at the homepage

Cookies, curses and
cult movies

The Grisbi display case
I'm fuckin' rich

Thank you
nigerian princes!

I'm fuckin' rich's beautiful logo Snapshot of the interface
Lampe de

Bad puns,
beautiful bottles.
Let there be light!

The lamp lights off The lamp lights on
You owe me one

Beer is the new dollar!

You owe me one's beautiful logo A quick view of the interface

An issue tracking platform
with a strong focus on usability
for non tech users (innovative UX)

Snapshot of the main UI

Promoting socially-conscious design
for a charity

A sample project from the exhibition.